Announcing the 2014 Reverse Blog Tour

This new headshot was taken a couple weeks ago by Indianapolis photographer Mallory Talty.

As frequent readers of this blog will know, they do not exist, because there are no frequent readers of this blog. I like to keep my fans and friends up to date, but I’ve never really become a blogger, in the classical sense (although, can a medium two decades old have classical senses associated with it?), never having had the patience or the excess of articulable opinions necessary to keep up with the whole thing.

(I’ll tell you who is good at it though, and that is my aunt Ann.)

Good thing then that starting next Friday, June 20, this space will become a lot more exciting, at least for a month or two. To celebrate the launch of World of Trouble, the third and final book in the Last Policeman series, I have invited some of my favorite authors and human beings to contribute guest posts about topics of mutual interest.

Among those stopping by will be best-selling authors like Hugh Howey and Adam Sternbergh, plus old friends like Suzanne LaFleur and Gabe Roth and Ransom Riggs (all of whom also happen to be best-selling authors). I’ve invited sci-fi writers, mystery writers, composer/lyricists, journalists, professors—all manner of interesting folks. The current list of contributors is below, and I’ll maybe add the dates as I finalize things , if I ever finalize things. (I’m bad at finalizing things, just in general). I’ll probably add more people, too, if I can find more arms to twist. I’m calling the whole thing my 2014 Reverse Blog Tour, because a Blog Tour in the classical sense (cf earlier parenthetical question) is where an author visits a bunch of other people’s blogs, and here I’m doing the opposite—a bunch of other authors are coming here to play in my sandbox.

THIS new headshot was taken by my wife. Just try and guess what mountain is behind me.

Oh…AND I’ll be doing an actual blog tour starting July 7, and will soon have more info on that!

AND AND I’ll be doing an actual, real live, human in-the-flesh tour , starting July 12 here in Indianapolis, at Indy Reads Books on Mass Ave! Check the APPEARANCES page to see where else the official World of Trouble double-wide emblazoned megabus will be taking me. (Nota been: There is no such bus).

Here is the list of folks whose bylines you can look for on this site between June 20 and mid-August: Hugh HoweyLaura McHugh , Daniel Friedman, Abby Sher, Noah BerlatskyRansom RiggsAdam Sternbergh, the songwriters Kerrigan and LowdermilkSuzanne LaFleurEthan Gilsdorf, Eric Smith, Gabriel Roth (not the one who plays bass in the Dap-Kings), Ian “Shakespeare’s Star Wars” Doescher, and Professor Joel Marks of the University of New Haven, an honest-to-goodness expert in the ethics of asteroid prevention.

It sounds like a fun party, right? Stay tuned.