Appearances (and one disappearance)

In the next couple months I will do my final appearances in support of Underground Airlines.

One place I am no longer available is Twitter. After becoming anxious I was spending too much time on there, including a lot of good time that otherwise would have been committed to writing or, I guess, life in general, I did a cost benefit analysis and discontinued my account. They told me I have a year to change my mind, so who knows. For now you can contact me the old-fashioned way: by email, or Facebook, or by commenting on this post or any other post. Or come to one of the events listed above…or when the paperback comes out….or when I tour behind my next book, which I’m going to get back to work on.

2 thoughts on “Appearances (and one disappearance)

  1. Todd

    Really enjoyed the new book. I had no idea when I heard a partial review on NPR then started that it would take place in Indy and was even more surprised that it referenced the street that I live. Then my son saw the book and said your name sounded familiar. Turns out you came to his school and read one of your books to his class. Small world


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