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Roundup of Roundups

Late spring is the time of year when newspapers and magazines put out their lists of hot books to read over the summer, and I’m very pleased with how many have chosen to include my new alternate-history mystery, Underground Airlines.

Those include (so far):

The New York TimesThe Chicago Tribune, The St. Louis Post Dispatch, the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Cosmopolitan Magazine, and Publisher’s Weekly.

Speaking of Publisher’s Weekly, they also gave the novel  a starred review that (what the heck) I’ll just go ahead and reproduce in full below. I hope you’ll consider placing an advance order of Underground Airlines from your favorite local bookstore, and telling your friends.


From Publisher’s Weekly:

“Ralph Ellison’s The Invisible Man meets Blade Runner in this outstanding alternate history thriller from Edgar-winner Winters (The Last Policeman). Victor, an African-American bounty hunter for the U.S. Marshals Service, possesses a supreme talent for tracking down runaway slaves in a world in which there was no Civil War and slavery still exists in four Southern states. He’s a master of disguise and dissembling. Victor tracks a runaway slave code-named Jackdaw to Indianapolis, Ind., where he ingratiates himself with Father Barton, a purported leader of an abolitionist organization called Underground Airlines, and succeeds in penetrating the group. But soon thereafter Victor impulsively befriends Martha Flowers, a down-on-her-luck white woman traveling with her young biracial son, Lionel, a kindness that soon jeopardizes Victor’s carefully constructed cover identity. The novel’s closing section contains several breathtaking reversals, a genuinely disturbing revelation, and an exhilarating final course of action for Victor.”

The Last Policeman: Reviews in Booklist, Library Journal Concord Monitor, and NY Journal of Books

journal books grab

BooklistThe Last Policeman “is a solidly plotted whodunit with strong characters and excellent dialog.”

The Library Journal: Winters has created “a compelling mystery with surprising twists and turns, but more impressively he has created a world slowly collapsing under the prospect of its imminent demise.

The Concord Monitor “loved the detailed references to Concord; Winters did his homework.” (It’s true. I did.)

The New York Journal of Books: “a well-written mystery that will have readers eagerly awaiting the second installment.”

Early Press About The Last Policeman: Starred Review in Kirkus, Top New Summer Thriller from NY Daily News

kirk star

Some very positive press surrounding the arrival of my pre-apocalyptic police procedural, The Last Policeman, which will be in stores on July 10.

* Kirkus Reviews has given the book a starred review,  and you can read it here.

* The New York Daily News listed the book among its “top new summer thrillers,” and the sci-fi website Suvudu called it a “fantastic beach read.”

For more about the book —and its planned sequels—please visit