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23 thoughts on “CONTACT

  1. Adele Avant

    Hey Ben, This is your 2nd favorite Adele from the Seattle Mystery. Just wanted to say that I read the trilogy straight through last weekend thanks to your publishers sending us an arc. I so loved it! Hank is a wonderful character and it was a great story. If you’re in the neighborhood, ple4ase come see us.

    1. Daphne H.

      Just to say I LOVED your book Underground Airlines. Super clever, engaging, edgy, creative, and interesting, and in my view a better novel than Colson Whitehead’s The Underground Railroad with its literal and rather heavy-handedly allegorical railroad underground. (What was he thinking?…) Of course his novel is an admirably sincere and heartfelt look at the horrifyingly violent and indeed evil slavery history in our country. But the writing did not grab me, seeming in my view almost to be on the level of novels written for an adolescent audience. All of that is just to say, your novel is terrific, and I hope it does not get too much sidelined by Whitehead’s novel due to their similar titles and the attention that his novel is garnering (which I do not begrudge him at all, even if my view differs from many others’ on that novel! More power to him if readers love it! They should just also be sure to read yours with its, in my view, far more clever and thought-provoking trope, plot, story, and implications/commentary). Thanks! (I haven’t read your other works and am not really a reader of sci-fi generally pretty “literary” sort whatever that means. But I’m interested in checking our your other stuff now, too.

  2. Roger in Iowa

    I managed to get an advance of World of Trouble and I just devoured it straight thru. Absolutely love it, this series is really something special.

    If no one else tells you this today….thank you for what you do. Even my mother-in-law is loving your series, and that says something right there (I think).

    Best regards always

    roger in iowa

  3. Craig

    After waiting for a year for the end of the Last Policeman series, I am disappointed to find that it is not available on the iBookstore. Too bad that this has fallen into the Amazon pit and refused to be available to a loyal customer. Hachette 1 QuirkBooks 0.

      1. Ben Kirton

        Hi Ben,

        Trying to purchase the Last Policeman series in the Australian iBookstore and it tells me it’s only available in the US store. Is this expected and will it change anytime soon? I generally don’t purchase through Amazon if I have another choice.



  4. Casey M.

    ! just discovered you thanks to the wonderful – almost done with Countdown City…so nice to find a new favorite author.

  5. Ken Phillips

    Just finished the third book (enjoyed all 3) “World of Trouble” in your “The Last Policemen” series. Hopefully you will decide to continue the series and describe how Detective Henry Palance and “Houdini” deal with a Post impact world.

  6. Jennifer Palmatier

    I’m in the midst of “Countdown City” and overall am enjoying it very much. However, as a NH resident and UNH alumna, I am curious as to why some place names and geography are changed, i.e. Fort Foster seems to become Fort Riley, Kingsbur;y Hall becomes Kingfisher Hall, Thompson Hall is no longer next door to Dimond Library, etc. Were there legal reasons for making the changes, or what? For anyone not intimate with the area it makes zero difference, but as an engineering graduate, calling my home hall of four years by the a different name jerked me out of the story.

    1. Ben Post author

      Hi, thanks for reading. Fort Riley is based (loosely) on Fort McClary, and I changed that name because I had to “Mc” surnames in the novels and it felt odd aesthetically. Campus geography I changed at will for the purposes of plot. I can’t recall if I had any real reason to make it Kingfisher—I may have just liked it better. Mea culpa. Glad you’re enjoying otherwise.

  7. Bob Hann

    Will there be a fourth — post-apocalypse — book in the series? If not, what are your thoughts about how things work out for Hank and the Amish?

  8. Chris

    Just wanted to say the Last Policeman Trilogy are easily the best books I’ve read in a very long time. I read them as ebooks but had to buy the “real” book versions as well because they need to be a pat ofbthe collection I see everyvday on my bookshelves.

    Don’t want to spoil it for anyone so I’ll just say: huge respect to you for the ending. I was nervous about that but you did itbexactly right.

    Thank you

  9. Jordan Hyde

    The Last Policeman series are some of the best recent fiction of any genre that I have read. Hank is an every man anti-hero in a situation which he has little to no control over. If I worked with him, and a meteor weren’t going to kill us all, he would probably be the co-worker that rubs me wrong. But in context he is one of the most compelling and likable characters. Well done.

    That being said. I just read, and re-read The Old Slow Man and his Golden Gun from Space. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I thought I was reading a long lost tale from a golden age master like Clifford D. Simak or Robert Sheckley. What a great piece of fun. There is not enough of this type of old style story telling.

    Keep up the good work.

  10. Brenda Ough

    Hello….this is Brenda in Eastern Canada where my family hasn’t eaten properly in three days because I can’t put down your Last Policeman books…..just finished Countdown City. Your books are absolutely wonderful…..can’t wait to start the third in the trilogy….oh…I may feed my family something to “tie them over”. Looking forward to your new book as well!

  11. Jeannine C

    I agree with Chris – the end to World of Trouble was absolutely perfect. Those last words continue to haunt me.

  12. Tina

    Just finished up the trilogy this morning and had a nice, long cry. The story was a perfect balance of doom and hope. Thank you for seeing it all the way through to the necessary conclusion. Off to Joseph Fox Bookshop to purchase Underground Airlines.

  13. Jim

    Just discovered you through “Underground Airlines”. Great story, but more than that I love how your write. Your word choice and structure make UA a fabulous reading experience as much as a story. Reminds me of some of my favorite writers: Ken Kesey, Tom Robbins, Kurt Vonnegut (yes, I’m an oldie but a goodie). Same sort of magic if not identical in style. Now that we’re introduced, I’m looking forward to reading some of your other stuff.

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  15. Joe Cole

    Just inhaled The Last Policeman trilogy in 3 days. What a tour de force. I have much to think about, thank you. I’m already recommending it to friends and strangers!

  16. Mark Crane

    Do you have an interview out there where you talk about your involvement with the criminally underrated tv series on FX, “Legion”? I saw you had some producer and writing credits and would love to hear more about how that happened. I loved the third season. Also, are you pulling an F. Scott Fitzgerald and spending all of your time in Hollywood now, and if so, why are you breaking our hearts?


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