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There will be a new edition of The Last Policeman out in July, with an awesome new cover that complements the cover of Countdown City, the sequel, which also comes out in July. (I will of course post these covers as soon as my buddies at Quirk Books say I’m allowed to.)

last policeman button

Doogie Horner’s original cover: still fantastic.

One of several cool things about a second edition is that it allows me to correct a couple of mistakes in the first one–one a boneheaded science error, and the other a SUPER -boneheaded (because I should know better) spelling/usage error.

Have any of you readers out there spotted either of these errors? Send me a note via the contact form on the site here, and I’ll make sure you get a signed copy of Countdown City when it comes out. (Or maybe you’ll just send me ANOTHER boneheaded error that I can correct before pub date!)

* Right now I’m reading Stephen King’s On Writing,which besides recounting some super inspiring stories (like when he threw the first three chapters of Carrie in the garbage, only to have his wife pull them out and  tell him he was “onto something here”) includes a lot of great, down-and-dirty advice to the beginning (or not-so-beginning) writer. Like, take it easy on the adverbs, and like, read a lot of books. So far I wouldn’t necessarily put King’s book in my must-read-books-about-writing pile with John Gardner’s The Art of Fiction, but it’s really fun.


“The road to hell is paved with adverbs,” writes Stephen King, reproachfully.

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