Publisher’s Weekly, Best Summer Books 2016: Underground Airlines, “Ben H. Winters’s spectacular speculative thriller” among nine best mystery/thriller titles of the summer.  Winters_Underground_Airlines

Kirkus Reviews April 12, 2016: Underground Airlines “Smart and well paced…moves deftly from a terrific premise and builds to a satisfying conclusion.”

Library Journal, April 4, 2016: Slave Narratives: Six Novels Explore a Painful Legacy: Ben H. Winters’s Underground Airlines “Explosive, well plotted, and impossible to put down, this alt-hist by the Edgar Award–winning author of the “Last Policeman” trilogy will attract readers of all genres.”


The Indianapolis Star, July 27 2014: Bookstores Adapt to Internet Era. “I drove across northern lower Michigan 10 days ago to catch a reading by Indianapolis author Ben H. Winters, whose terrific Last Policeman trilogy reached fulfillment mid-month.”

Cleveland Plain Dealer, July 23 2014: “That Winters can paint for us a world that is so bared-boned, raw and honest is why this is one of the best books of the year so far.”

Maclean’s (Canada), July 20 2014: “The trilogy is a sweet and powerful story of relationships.”MAC29_LAST_POLICEMAN_CAROUSEL01, July 9 2014: “World Of Trouble is a page turner, a book that is riveting and humane, suspenseful rather than frenetic, and moving rather than depressing; and the key to it all is our guide trough this crumbling world. Palace is brilliant creation, the perfect hero for our eschatological age.”

The Indianapolis Star, July 8 2014: Time is Nigh for Ben Winters and his “Last Policeman”

The Indianapolis Business Journal, July 5 2014: “…an ending that I wanted to both race toward and hold off as long as possible.”

Mystery Scene, July 2014: The End is Near; Ben H. Winters is OK With ThatMystertScene135cover_250-01

The Seattle Stranger, July 2 2014: “Over the course of the three books, Winters deconstructs the mystery genre and reveals it as an investigation of mortality. Why did this particular person die? Why am I going to die? Why is everyone going to die? What, in the end, does anything matter?”

Library Journal, June 15 2014: “It is impossible not to love Hank and his need to try to do the right thing all the time.”, June 10, 2014: ” As fascinating as Winters’ imagined societal breakdown can be, it’s his attention to human connections—heartfelt, heroic and lethal—that really make this trilogy worth reading.”

Science Book a Day interview, June 9 2014: “[T]he asteroid entered the universe of the book to serve that conceit; to plausibly create the world I wanted for the setting of my story.”

Booklist, June 1 2014: “A fine conclusion to a unique and compelling trilogy.”, April 21, 2014: Winters wins Philip K. Dick Award.

NPR’s Morning Edition, August 22, 2013: ” ‘There’s something about [Palace] … his rigorous, unironic belief in law and order, and his rigorous, unironic mustache, and his rigorous, unironic belief in making promises and keeping them,’ Winters explains. ‘It’s a very old way of looking at the world.’ ”

Los Angeles Review of Books, July 24, 2013: In Countdown City, “Winters has seized on what seems to be the defining preoccupation of our day — fantasizing about the end of the world — and married it to a genre, noir, that is defined by its fatalism. The result makes for compelling reading.”

Galleycat, May 3, 2013: Winters wins Edgar Award.

Las Vegas City Life, September 27, 2012: Palace’s dogged determination to root out the truth of Zell’s demise becomes more than just the duty of solving a crime; it’s also the task of finding meaning in life.”, August 13 2012: “It’s likely no detective has ever felt smaller in the face of his fate than does Detective Hank Palace…”

Publishers Weekly, July 11, 2011: “By turns gruesome and compelling, fueled by a slow-burn tension, and full of in-jokes about contemporary Brooklyn culture, Winters’s breezy summer read will leave readers compulsively scratching.”

The Los Angeles Times, December 2, 2010: “With The Secret Life of Ms. Finkleman, Winters…applies a light touch that fuses youthful, scholarly exuberance with the inspirational power of rock ‘n’ roll.”, September 15, 2009: How I Wrote Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters

The AV Club, September 24, 2009: “To the consternation of purists everywhere the result is pure delight.”

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