NEW YEAR, NEW BOOK! (and some old books, back again!)

GOLDEN STATE, my latest novel, comes out on Jan. 22…

…but you can preorder it today! (Scroll down for a FUN PREORDER CONTEST)

GOLDEN STATE is a mystery novel about the dissolution of objective reality, set in a place that is like California but not exactly California; a place where lying is against the law; a place where the maintenance of mutually understood and accepted reality is the paramount objective of political and civil life.

Our hero is Laszlo Ratesic, an agent of the Speculative Service, the elite agency with special license to bend the truth when necessary to solve crimes.


“GOLDEN STATE is a prescient, devastating commentary on humanity’s disintegrating attachment to reality and truth, expertly told through the prism of a police-procedural, dystopian nightmare. Winters has written a 1984 for the 21st century. Not just a thrilling book, but an important one.”—Blake Crouch, author of Dark Matter

“A perfectly poised ontological-thriller-comedy-dystopian-allegorical-page-turner, yet with tenderly real characters in its chewy center, this turned out to be just the thing I was looking for.”—Jonathan Lethem, author of Motherless Brooklyn

“Not many writers would take on Orwell, Ray Bradbury, the nature of truth, and the current administration all at a blow. Big shoes to fill–and they fit Ben H. Winters just fine. Golden State grabs notions of disinformation and literalism and brilliantly turns them on their head to see what falls from their pockets.” —James Sallis, author of Drive

“Another fine novel from a writer whose imagination knows no bounds.”—Booklist


All three books in the Last Policeman trilogy are being reissued, with gorgeous new covers like this one:

I’m going to GIVE AWAY the complete set — all three Policeman books with the cool covers, all signed by the author (i.e., me.). To win the signed set of Last Policeman books, all you have to do is preorder GOLDEN STATE. Any time between now and January 21, order the book online or at a bookstore, and email me at with whatever proof of purchase or confirmation you get. (I’ll totally accept a note from your favorite local bookseller if a pre-issued receipt is not available).

I’ll pick a winner at random on Jan. 22 and send you three signed books!

I am so grateful to everyone who has read my work over the years, and I hope you dig this one, too.

— Ben


2/2/2019, 2pm, Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego

2/5/2019, 7pm, Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale, Arizona

2/6/2019, 6:30pm, Diesel Books in West Los Angeles


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