“one of crime fiction’s most inventive practitioners…”

I’m proud to say Golden State has gotten some wonderful press.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes:

“At a time in the real world when everybody seems to own their version of the truth and phrases like “alternative facts” are used to cover falsehoods, Golden State is, no lie, a fascinating examination that takes fidelity and correctness down a freaky Orwellian path.”―USA Today

“Winters has a knack for creating appealing detective fictions that skew reality in thought-provoking ways, producing a hybrid of the familiar and the uncanny. . . . As you read, you feel your perception of the world slipping and warping. Winters brilliantly imagines the quotidian manifestations of a truth-obsessed culture.”―Washington Post

“Once again, Ben H. Winters creates a world cleverly skewed a few crucial degrees from our own. . . . Winters is well aware of the tropes of dystopian noir, and it is fun to watch him mix and match them to good effect. . . . The detective plot works well, but it is in its questioning of the nature of truth and falsehood that the novel excels. . . . Smart, intricate and propulsive, Golden State is proof that Winters deserves our continued attention as one of crime fiction’s most inventive practitioners.”―San Francisco Chronicle

There was also a long and thoughtful piece in the Los Angeles Review of Books: “Golden State combines both the notion of an apocalypse and that of an alternate reality to investigate reality, fiction, and the social consequences and epistemological status of truth.”

And you can hear me talking about the book here on Weekend Edition and here on the Colin McEnroe show on Connecticut’s WNPR.

If you’ve reads the book and liked it, please let me know, or post a review somewhere.

One thought on ““one of crime fiction’s most inventive practitioners…”

  1. Rebecca Werner

    I didn’t think it was possible to create a character sadder than Hank but Laszlo may be it. And I still miss Hank…


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