Release Day

Having a new book come out is an odd, odd sensation, because you’ve finished your work on it such a long time ago, and now here come all the people to check it out. It’s like opening night for a play that closed six months ago.

Wait, you sort of want to scream—from the present moment, where you’re working on something new, writing some short stories, focusing on your blog—THAT thing? You’re going to read THAT thing? But I haven’t been working on for months now! What if I want to change something? Nothing in particular, mind you, just…it doesn’t feel ready.

But it never feels ready, and yet there is nothing you can do about it now. Here it slips, from your hands into other people’s hands, and there’s no turning back.

So, anyway, what I’m saying is, if like me you’ve been waiting for World of Trouble to come out, here it is, and I’m really grateful.

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