The Old Slow Man and his Golden Gun from Space appears in the anthology Dead Man’s Hand from Titan Books.

"Whether Caleb and Crane came out to California separately and only ended up together when they got there, or whether they knew each other from some Eastern State and made their way west as a unit—well, all of that backstory I can’t begin to tell you, and who cares anyway and what the devil does it matter?"


BRING HER TO ME appears in the anthology The End is Nigh,

The_End_is_Nighedited by Hugh Howey and John Joseph Adams. the story is about a teenage girl named Pea, the only girl in the world (so far as she knows) who doesn’t hear the voice of God.

It’s the first of three linked anthologies that John and Hugh are doing, and I’ll have a piece in all three.

"Before she opens the door Annabel takes a moment to prepare herself. She smooths the front of her frock, and tucks her hair behind her ears, and readies her face: smile, eyes. Ready."






My story for the Twitter Fiction Festival turned out to be a lot different than I had intended. You can read the whole thing here.


I wrote a piece called The Food Taster’s Boy for a marvelous science-fiction anthology called The Mad Scientist’s Guide to World DominationMy story is about a vicious warlord who has become the leader of the warlord, and then the leader of the world, and now, in his triumph, has succumbed to ennui; the tale is about his efforts to keep the thrill alive.


The Man on the Monon (If You Believe) is a story about trains and love that takes place in a mythologized version of my adopted hometown of Indianapolis. It appeared in Punchnel’s, a marvelous local literary magazine.

"In the beginning, there was Industry. But that was, like, a long time ago..."



In The Reenactmenta high school history teacher and colonial era enthusiast  hires a local man to play Aaron Burr in a reenactment of the famous duel. It’s a bit of a Twilight Zone kinda thing, and it’s performed delightfully on this cool podcast, The Drabblecast. 

"This is devastating news, Mr. Vasouvian! Devastating!”



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