Wait, which book am I writing?

I am in a very strange place this week, as someone who is writing a trilogy. And I sort of wonder if other people who have embarked on this kind of multi-project project have experienced this. (George Lucas? George R.R. Martin? You guys around to discuss?)

Because while I am busily trying to get folks to  buy and read Book One (The Last Policeman, which b/t/w is available right  now for the teaser price of $2.99 ), I am also starting to get nervous and excited because review copies are now being shipped for Book Two (Countdown City, which b/t/w is being given away right now on Goodreads). And meanwhile, I have started writing Book Three (as yet untitled, and if you do get a giveaway copy, send it to me, because I’d love to know what happens).

It all makes me glad I’m writing them straight through—as opposed to taking gaps of years between volumes, as for example Patricia Highsmith did with her five beautiful Tom Ripley books—and also makes me realize how very sad I’ll be when it’s all done.


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